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A Coal Miner's Obsession
Written By Robert Lee Shepard
Scotia Mine Disaster
Written By Robert Lee Shepard
The Shadow Miner
Written By E. B. "Reb Allen"
The kentucky Coal Mines
By Brenda Graham
A Miner's Poem
By: Shahzad Manzoor Channa
When Dust Turns To Gold
Written By Irving E. Rice
If You Could Trap A Sound
Written By Kathy Pippig Harris
I'M A Coal Miner
Written By Phyllis McArthur Robinette
Day From Night
Written By Melodye Denisov
Gresford Colliery Mining Disaster
Written By Daryn Davies
Coal Miners Plight
Written By Floyd Jett
* The poetry pages were written by visitors to this web site. Any one that wants to donate poetry please contact me and   I will consider publishing your story or poetry on this web site
Massey Mine Disaster
Written By  Sandy Evans
The Last Good Night
Written By -Tad Dolen
Thoughts of A Coal Miners
Written By - Erica Millert.
My web sites inspired me to write this e-book. I invite all to read.  Please be patient it takes a few to load.
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Kentucky Heritage
Books written By - Lydia Dykes 
A Coal Miners Prayerhere to add text.
Where They Worked and lived
The Little Purple Shoes
Written By June Sergent Edwards
Coal Miners in Kentucky
A Coal Miner's SonWritten By- Roger Philpot