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Where They Lived

In a coal camp, the company owned all the properties, the houses and everything associated with the camp.  Miners who worked there, just worked for wages and the pay they received was not enough to provide decent living for their families.  The houses were mostly four rooms without  indoor plumbing, there were no streets, just dirt lanes filled with coal ashes from the "warm morning' stoves that were used to heat the home.  Some houses only had a single fireplace for heat in the cold winters.

I went to a school that was built on the side of the mountain.  I had to walk three, maybe four miles to get there. Some of my class mates wore torn and ragged clothing, and were not clean.
Segregation was part of the poverty-ridden society in the 20th century. Discrimination was prevalent.
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Coal Miners in Kentucky
Twentieth Century Kentucky Coal Miners
Did You Know

That one ton of coal = 5 barrels of oil. = 30,000 ft of natural gas. *Approximate figures that depend on grade of coal being considered and particular composition of oil and gas.
If all the energy of a lump of coal could be used (E=mc^2) it would keep a light bulb going for a million years.!
Black Lung kills almost 1,500 miners each year.

Coal generates more than half of the electricity used in the Unites States.
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Where They Worked

The coal miner's of South Eastern Kentucky comes from a special breed of man who works in the darkness under dangerous conditions and breathes the coal dust that  gives him Black Lung and no hope of  a retirement future.

The work is dirty and dangerous and many lost their lives due to the neglect of mine operators and poor implementation of state and Federal laws regulating the way mining should be conducted. The miners and their families lived in a settlement called coal camps. Mine owners provided scrip to the miners with credit when their wages had been depleted. The houses, merchandise store, church, and schools were owned by the coal company. I am the son of a Kentucky coal miner, I was raised in a coal camp, and this is my story.
Twentieth Coal Mining-Roger Philpot
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