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1.The United States produces about 35%, or 1 billion tons, of the world's coal supply—more than any other country produces.

2.The average coal miner is 45 years old and has 20 years of experience.

3.Coal generates more than half of the electricity used in the United States.

4.Each person in the United States uses 3.8 tons of coal each year.

5.U.S. coal deposits contain more energy than that of all the world's oil reserves.

6.The United States has more than a 250-year supply of coal, if it continues using coal at the same rate at which it uses coal today.

When we surf the Internet, watch television, play a video game, charge a cell phone or turn on the air conditioner, we are using electricity.

Sometimes, we tend to forget about the role electricity has on our lives. As we live our busy lives, we don’t often stop to think about our need for cheap and reliable power.

Did you know that half of the electricity that heats our homes, lights our schools, and powers our businesses comes from coal?

Did You Know?

* There are an estimated 275 billion tons of recoverable coal reserves in the United States, or about one fourth of the world's total.
* The energy content of U.S. coal  reserves is four times greater than the recoverable oil of Saudi Arabia and exceeds that of all the world's know recoverable oil reserves.
* U.S. coal production reached a record 1.133 billion tons in 2005, while consumption reached a record 1.128 billion tons. Electric generation accounted for 92 percent, or 1.309 billion tons, of all coal consumed in the United States.

If it were not for naturally occurring greenhouse gases, the Earth would be too cold to support life as we know it. Without the greenhouse effect, the average temperature of the Earth would be about -2°F rather than the 57°F we currently experience.

Source U.S. Energy information
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